Navitus Enersis – billing administration solution


Elektronova Ltd. specializes in the supply of electricity to its customers in best possible terms. The company services more than 100 electric power consumers which are distributed in 3 areas. Elektronova Ltd. has not only to administer the billing process of all electricity consumers but also to manage and maintain the entire electricity distribution network in each area.

Electricity meter data has been written off manually once a month at the start of the billing period. Monthly total consumption data was the main criteria in calculation of power balance and determination of losses. And since the supply of electricity is the main activity of Elektronova Ltd. energy losses directly affect the company’s profitability. In order to minimize the potential energy losses and optimize the electricity supply network maintenance and billing administration Elektronova Ltd. installed Navitus Enersis system.

Some of company’s electricity meters were old. They were replaced with new electronic electricity meters with communication interfaces. Technical project was coordinated with national electricity distribution operator AB “Energijos skirstymo operatorius” to add infeed electricity meters to the system. All metering devices were connected to Navitus Admetec MCL series data transmission controllers using communication cable lines. The data is transmitted to data center using GSM GPRS technology. On customer’s demand Navitus Enersis NG Web software was supplemented by specific customized report form which helped automate the creation of detailed billing forms used in electricity consumer billing process.

Navitus Enersis system allowed not only to automate the administration of billing process but also to determine the causes of power balance mismatch. Constant availability gives an opportunity to quickly identify possible malfunctions of metering system and to react to them. Hourly load profile, synchronized electricity meter internal clock and detailed data archive allowed Elektronova Ltd. to study their customers’ electricity consumption profile and peak periods. As a result this data gives an opportunity to offer more flexible billing plan to the customers.