About Us

UAB NAVITUS LT (until 2018-05-24 known as Elgama sistemos) is a provider of energy efficiency increase solutions by designing and manufacturing range of communication devices for data transmission and by developing software for data visualization.

The company offers entire energy management solutions or those individual components, adaptable to already existing management systems as well as to newly installed measuring devices, such as electricity meters or other measuring devices whose data is uploaded to a web-based cloud platform.

Facts & Figures

The company was founded in 1994.

In 2002 Elgama Sistemos and partner company deployed first national electricity meter data reading system, announced by Lithuanian Grid operator AB Lietuvos energija (Now AB LITGRID). Over 3000 strategic metering points over the country were connected to the AMR system. The system was based on GSM/GPRS communication and had several additional options for data transmittion: PSTN and Ethernet.

After this successful project others followed with the constantly higher requirements for solutions mobility and functionality. Thus the company’s engineers have developed series of MCL controllers, designed for data transmission through GPRS. Even bigger tenders have been won with those controllers in Lithuania and abroad.

In 2016, 95 000 pcs. of Elgama sistemos made modems (MCL 5.10) and Head end system software (EnerSis HES) were deployed for smart metering project in Latvia. The project also included electricity meters supplied by the partner.

By 2022, NAVITUS LT supplied or deployed more than 324 000 different data transmission controllers over the world.

Our products are supplied to these markets: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Italy, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Malaysia and Australia.