Current loop interface expander CLCL 5.0

CLCL 5.0 is a 20 mA current loop interface expander. This controller is used to increase the number of electricity meters connected to the data readout controller. CLCL 5.0 can be used with all controllers manufactured by NAVITUS LT. The controller is mounted on 35mm DIN rail. CLCL 5.0 can be connected to other CLCL 5.0 controllers further increasing the number of connected electricity meters.

Technical details
Power supply, AC
95 - 260 V, 50 Hz
Consumed power
< 7 VA
Galvanic isolation: Power supply <-> communication interfaces
3 kV, 1 min
20 mA current loop interface for meter connection
Number of interfaces - 4. Up to 5 meters each, data transmission speed 300 ... 19200 baud
20 mA current loop interface for system expansion
Data transmission speed 300 ... 19200 baud
Operating temperature
-20 ... +50 ⁰C
Relative humidity
5 ... 95% non condensing
80x111x26 mm
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