Reaction to customer’s needs resulted in new system


Retal Lithuania is modern and constantly expanding PET packaging manufacture company. In 2005 Retal Lithuania became a member of Retal Industries Ltd. group which is one of the European market leaders for PET packaging.

Like most companies which strive for high energy efficiency Retal Lithuana had power factor correction system. Over time the company has expanded but power factor correction system stayed the same. As a result the technical capacity of existing system was not enough to fully eliminate the effect of the reactive power so it was decided to update it.

In order to get the maximum compensation percentage Navitus REEKS solution was selected. Navitus REEKS power factor correction controller read reactive load data directly from commercial metering electricity meters via communication interface. The controller “sees” all 3 phases and because of this the capacitor battery control algorithm is smoother and more efficient. Most of Retal Lithuania transformer substations are modular. The distance from the place where capacitors are connected to the electricity network to commercial metering cabinet is substantial. In addition to construct a communication cable line from electricity meters to compensation controllers it was needed to dismantle the asphalt. Searching for a way to transmit electricity meter data to the controller Navitus LT engineers found a solution – to connect power factor correction controller REEKS with commercial electricity meters using GPRS communication. For this the Navitus Admetec MCL series controllers with special modification were used.

This solution helped to avoid dismantling the asphalt as well as constructing a communication cable line. As a result project execution time was shortened, the amount price of construction works was lowered.