Facilitation of electricity metering


Grigeo Baltwood is a member of sole in Lithuania and one of the largest in the Baltic states paper and timber industry groups Grigeo Grigiškės. Grigeo Baltwood is one of the leading producers of hardboard in the Baltics. Company aims to make production process as efficient as possible and highly values investment in new technologies.

One of the reasons to improve electricity metering system was the need to calculate the consumption of electric energy by manufacturing machinery. This was difficult to do because every machine has two infeeds – one from 6 kV and other from 0,4 kV. Because of this to calculate total electricity consumption the values from both infeeds were needed. But not every line had technical metering meter.

When the necessary technical meters were installed all metering points were connected to Navitus Admetec data transmission controllers using communication cable lines. Data is transmitted to data center using Ethernet technology.

Data is collected and processed by Navitus Enersis software. Data from all electricity meters is collected automatically on schedule few minutes before the end of each shift. Grigeo Baltwood uses this information to evaluate consumed energy and compare it to manufactured products during the shift. The function of grouping metering points made it easier to monitor the energy consumption of manufacturing machines and hourly load profile allows to see detailed data during selected time period.