Remote data reading controller ESMB 3.1

When Utilities started installing smart meters in transformer substations, some customers expressed interest in having access to metering data. Thus Utilities added smart meter data into their customer portal. Customers could connect to the portal and see their energy consumption. But the data in the customer portal was very limited. Often it included only total consumption and load profile. Using the customer portal some companies saw value in smart metering systems.

While it was good to have the consumption metrics of the whole company or building, customers thought that perhaps measuring electricity consumption of individual workshops and departments would bring more value. With this information, companies could understand which departments are the highest energy consumers. Other companies went even further - decided to install smart electricity meter to monitor every production machine. This way they would have very detailed consumption report - total company, every department and every machine.

Most Utility meters were using wireless data transmission modem to remotely transmit data. However installing wireless modem for every meter in the company was very costly. There was also access to wired internet in the premises.

ESMB 3.1 is a great solution for aforementioned task. ESMB 3.1 is a transparent meter data reading controller, which uses wired communication. Using a single ESMB 3.1 device, company could remotely read the data of all their internal smart meters.

The device has following communication interface options:

  • RS485 - up to 2 interfaces, which supports up to 32 connected meters each;
  • CLO interface - also known as 20 mA current loop. ESMB 3.1 can have one or two intefaces, each supporting up to 5 connected meters.

For data transmission ESMB 3.1 uses wired RS485 or RJ45 Ethernet interfaces.

As you can see, a single ESMB 3.1 controller can transmit the data of up to 64 smart meters. Although the capabilities of CLO interface are more limited than RS485, a CLO expander module can be used to increase the number of connected meters. More about current loop interface expander CLCL can be found here.

Since CLCL counts as 1 smart meter when connected to ESMB 3.1, technically you can connect up to 10 CLCL expanders to a single controller. Thus increasing the number of remotely read meters using CLO interface to 200. Of course, with such load the communication will be slower.

ESMB 3.1 is our customers' main choice when they need to read internal smart meter data. You can download user manual  or using the link below. Also feel free to contact us via email -

Technical details
Power supply, AC
90 - 264 V, 50 Hz
Power supply, DC
110 - 270 V
Consumed power
< 5 VA
Protection class
Galvanic isolation: Power supply <-> Communication interfaces
4000 V
20 mA current loop communication interface for meter connection
Up to 5 meters, data transmission speed 300 ... 19200 baud
RS485 communication interface for meter connection
Up to 32 meters, data transmission speed 300 ... 19200 baud
RS232 communication interface for data transmission/configuration
Data transmission speed 2400 .. 19200 baud
RS485 communication interface for data transmission
Data transmission speed 300 ... 19200 baud
Ethernet communication interface for data transmission
10/100 Base-T, RJ45 connector
Operating temperature
-20 ... +50 ⁰C
Relative humidity
5 ... 95 % non condensing
110x75x25 mm
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