Energy management software Enersis

In the early days of electricity metering all the data the Utilities had from meters was kilowatt hours. Because electricity meters were electromechanical, they could only measure increasing energy consumption.

With the introduction of smart electricity meters, the amount of data increased significantly. And manually keeping track of the single meter data would require a full-time job.

Thankfully, advanced metering infrastructure and smart metering software exist. Engineers have designed remote meter reading controllers with a variety of communication options.

The data centers must have a solution to manage data flows from many smart meters. One of those solutions is web-based smart metering platform Enersis by NAVITUS LT. Enersis is an energy monitoring, analysis and management system. The software provides access to detailed, easy-to-read metering data. Using this data, clients can monitor their electricity, water, gas or other resource consumption patterns and forecast future usage. Simple data representation using graphs and tables allow clients to make informed decisions about energy consumption. Enersis also provides smooth billing services using automated invoicing.

The highly scalable system can work with smart meters from different manufacturers. The secure bidirectional data transfer is enabled via wireless GSM, radio, LAN, and power line communication.

Enersis is web-based, which means it only requires installation to the company server. It can be accessed by anyone within the enterprise from their workplace using assigned login and password. Administrator can set different access levels for different users. For example, one person needs to see only specific smart meters, other person needs to see all meters. Administrator can also set which features are available for any user.

Enersis has following modules:

  • Archive. This module provides users with consumption information from the metering database. Users can select energy and power type - active, reactive, apparent. Data is represented in 60 minute intervals by default. Users can select the data representation intervals from 5 minutes to 1 year. Archive has preset timeframes, such as "this week" or "last week" as well as interactive calendar;
  • Task management. Enersis operates on the base of tasks. In this module users can create meter data readout task, create meter configuration task, meter prepayment task and others. All tasks can be completed instantly or scheduled for periodic completion;
  • Events. This module shows the Plug&Play automatic meter registration event;
  • Monitoring. This module allows users to monitor instantaneous meter data. Data is shown in table or in graphs. Up to 2 smart meters can be monitored simultaneously;
  • Compensation. This module enables Enersis to monitor the operation of reactive power compensation controllers. Module displays active compensation steps as well as electrical parameters;
  • Reports. In this module there are standard and custom reports, which users can use to represent metering data in a convenient way. Every report can be created automatically using Task manager module. In addition to this, the reports can be sent to specified emails automatically on schedule. This is great feature for consumer invoicing;
  • Registration. This is the administrator's module. In this module administrator can register smart meters, remote meter reading controllers and system users. Smart meters can be combined into groups, for example by installation site. Administrator can create access level groups and assign users to those groups. Also, the tariffs and time of use profiles are managed in this module. Finally, users can set the preferred language using system's Locale feature.

Any of these modules can be active or inactive according to client's needs. For example, if client is real estate company, they may not need Compensation and Task management modules. System price adjusts accordingly.

We have only scratched the surface of system's features. As you can see, Enersis is a simple but sophisticated platform. Smart metering data is easy to read and analyze. It has many data visualization and representation options. If you want to learn more, you can download user manual here or using the link below. Also you can book a demo or send us inquire via email

Technical details
User amount
Measured energy resources
Electric energy, water, heat, gas, steam, temperature, flow, pressure
Instantaneous data
2 measuring point monitoring at the same time
High availability
24/7, 99%
Data integration period
5, 15, 30, 60 min
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