Navitus Enersis – poultry farm solution


The Vilnius poultry farm is owned by “Kauno Grūdai” group of companies KG Group – one of the most modern, economically strong and large manufacturing associations in Lithuania. Vilnius poultry farm has very big and complicated energy supply and distribution network. Company departments and workshops are spread over several areas and part of the premises is leased.

Big and complicated electricity network means a lot of electricity meters. To manually write down meter readings throughout all areas required a lot of time. The calculation of power balance required synchronized data from electricity meters. Since power balance calculation required data not only from commercial meters but also from technical metering meters, the manual data collection took several hours and even days. The comparison of one day’s data with next day’s data is not accurate but it was the only solution at the time. When Navitus Enersis proven the ability to avoid aforementioned problems, Vilnius poultry farm decided to install automatic data acquisition system.

Old electricity meters were replaced with new electronic electricity meters. Also the system was supplemented with new technical metering meters. Technical project was coordinated with national electricity distribution operator AB “Energijos skirstymo operatorius” to add infeed electricity meters to the system. All metering devices were connected to Navitus Admetec data tranmission controllers using communication lines. Data is transmitted to data center using Ethernet and GSM/GPRS technology.

The data from all meters is automatically collected on schedule. It is also possible to start data collection service manually on demand. As a result not only the need for manual meter data write down has disappeared but also synchronized meter data helped precisely calculate power balance. Detailed data gave an opportunity to see real situation of electricity network and make optimization decisions. Using the Archive’s function to compare electricity meter data during specified period user can see not only electrical energy consumption data but also the effectiveness of power factor correction system. In addition to this the system allows to easily control the payments for electricity from tenants.