Navitus REEKS is a group of products which are used to minimize the negative effects of reactive energy to company’s electricity network. This is implemented by connecting capacitor or coil batteries to electricity network according to measured instantaneous value of reactive load (kVAr).
Reactive power compensation systems are calculated during the design stage of building’s electricity supply network but over the years the system is not updated and/or is operating inefficiently. There are also cases when reactive power compensation system wasn’t designed at all. Reactive power not only creates the additional costs when paying to electricity supplier (depending on country) but also shortens the life of electrical equipment. As a result REEKS is a necessary part of electrical system for every company striving for high energy efficiency.
REEKS products are distinguished by their extremely high efficiency which is achieved by reading instantaneous electricity network parameters directly from electricity meter as well as compensation algorithms which can be customized to every user individually. System operation can be monitored using a computer, tablet or just smartphone using specialized software.

Products of Service
Modem MCL 5.10 for smart meter reading
Current loop interface surge protection Protec
Reactive power compensation controller REEKS 6.0
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