Innovative product group ADMETEC is designed for data collection from measuring devices and data transmission to data collection center.
ADMETEC products are compact, easily configurable and compatible with a wide range of measuring devices, such as electricity, water and gas meters, network analyzers, temperature meters, and so on.
ADMETEC controllers support a variety of wireless and wired communication channels with unidirectional or bidirectional communication. A wide range or communication interfaces and data transmission methods provides a possibility to select an optimal solution for particular project. ADMETEC controllers are best compatible with ENERSIS group products as well as integrated into other systems. ADMETEC devices are the most popular and most reliable components of automated meter data reading systems (AMR).

Products of Service
DLMS protocol converter ESMB 4.2
Remote data reading modem MCL 5.10 Narrowband
GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)
Modem MCL 5.10 for smart meter reading
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