Navitus ENERSIS is a software solutions group designed for visualization, management and analysis of data remotely collected from measuring devices. ENERSIS solutions created according to, in our point of view, most important features of this field – constant availability, convenient user interface, high reliability and a clear representation of results.
ENERSIS solutions can be used to visualize data of all energy resource measuring devices regardless of manufacturer. Most importantly, a measuring device has to have a communication interface. This feature allows to avoid expenses for changing measuring devices to measuring devices supported by the software. Data from measuring devices can be transmitted using Navitus ADMETEC product group controllers or data collection and transmission devices of other manufacturers.
Constant availability is implemented using Web technology – data is available via internet but only for those users who have access. Minimalistic design and clear software architecture makes the solution easily available to a user of any age and any level of computer knowledge.
ENERSIS group solutions have many data interpretation, sorting and visualization methods: from simple raw data archive to sorting in various angles and personalizes reports which are automatically sent to set users according to the established schedule.

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Remote data reading modem MCL 5.10 Narrowband
GPS NTP Network Time Server (TM1000A)
Remote data reading modem MCL 5.10
Current loop interface surge protection Protec
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