Remote data reading modem MCL 5.10

MCL 5.10 is a compact data readout and transmission controller with internal quad-band GSM/GPRS 3G modem. MCL 5.10 is the most popular NAVITUS LT product, which is widely used in utilities’ automated meter data collection systems not only in Lithuania but also in other countries. The controller can be mounted on 35mm DIN rail or installed under the terminal cover of electricity meter. MCL 5.10 supports automatic network provider selection according to inserted SIM card. The controller also automatically changes communication technology (2G or 3G) according to measured communication signal strength on the installation site. Other advantages of the controller are „Passive client“ – a solution which allows the controller to work with dynamic IP addresses, automatic message sending about the loss or appearance of supply power, the ability of configuration using SMS messages and multiple communication sessions support. The number of features may change according to modification.

Technical details
Power supply, AC
90 - 264 V, 50 Hz
Consumed power
< 6 VA
20 mA current loop communication interface for meter connection
Up to 3 meters, data transmission speed 300 ... 19200 baud
20 mA current loop communication interface for system expansion
Data transmission speed 300 ... 19200 baud
RS485 communication interface for meter connection
Data transmission speed 300 ... 19200 baud
RS232 communication interface for configuration
Data transmission speed 2400 ... 19200 baud
GSM/GPRS modem
850/900/1800/1900 MHz, Multi-slot class 10, CS1-CS4, Class B
Antenna connector
SMA (50 Ω)
Operating temperature
-20 ... +60 ⁰C
Relative humidity
5 ... 95% non condensing
93x68x37 mm
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