Smart metering project based on NB-IoT technology is completed


In December 2022, we completed the installation of the smart introductory cold water meter reading system in the city of Vilnius and the surrounding areas. The customer of the system is UAB Vilniaus vandenys. In 35 months, more than 8,500 units of metering devices were installed in wells and buildings. Data is collected and transmitted by controllers MCL 5.10 NB. Data transfer takes place in the NB-IoT network. The NB-IoT comunication provider of the project is Bitė Lietuva. All meter data is collected in the NAVITUS LT Enersis v.3 data collection platform, processed and transferred to other systems for further use. All hardware and software used in the project were developed by UAB NAVITUS LT. Controller MCL 5.10 NB (microprocessor device - one or two channel pulse counter - with integrated NB-IoT modem and wired MBUS interface). MCL 5.10 NB can be powered from replaceable batteries (3.6VDC) or from the mains (90..260VAC). Software platform Enersis v.3 is a system for collecting data through various communication channels from different amounts of water, electricity, gas, heat, fuel meters and temperature or other meters. Data is stored and analyzed in the form of various filters, reports, and messages are generated in case of data discrepancies or dangerous situations.