Meter data reading and analysis software Enersis

Enersis is a Web-based software, which is used for centralized and synchronized measuring instrument data collection, visualization and analysis. Enersis is a great tool for companies who want to have more efficient energy distribution system as well as make it easier to account supplied and consumed energy. Enersis includes the metering of all energy resources as well as other values – electric power, water, gas, heat, temperature, flow, pressure, etc. The software has various graphic and tabular data analysis tools, instantaneous data monitoring, various reports and report templates for frequent use, data export in MS Excel and other formats as well as direct data export to other systems. Enersis supports multiuser operation – at any given time multiple users can use the system. Each user can have different access level, which is used to limit the access to certain assigned metering points and/or features of the software. Enersis can be installed into the client server or clients can use UAB NAVITUS LT Cloud services.

Technical details
User amount
Measured energy resources
Electric energy, water, heat, gas, steam, temperature, flow, pressure
Instantaneous data
2 measuring point monitoring at the same time
High availability
24/7, 99%
Data integration period
5, 15, 30, 60 min
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